Preparing for Your Audit School Boards Seminar

June 28, 2016 News

Preparing for the annual school board audit can be a daunting task. Endless forms, regulations and funding issues all add to what can be a very confusing process. Read More

Vivian Fischer Presents NJCPA Scholarship Award

June 23, 2016 News

On June 15, Vivian Fischer, Supervisor at Nisivoccia LLP, presented the NJ Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA) scholarship award at the Kinnelon High School Senior Awards Ceremony. Vivian was honored to present this award, as she is a graduate of Kinnelon High School and was also a past recipient of the NJCPA scholarship. Read More

Raymond Nisivoccia Emcees for Boy Scouts of America Event

June 22, 2016 News

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Nisivoccia LLP Receives Metro Award of Excellence

June 21, 2016 News

Nisivoccia LLP was awarded the Best Company Special Promotion Award at the 32nd Annual Metropolitan Builders & Contractors Association's (Metro's) Awards of Excellence. The awards ceremony took place on June 9th at the Dolce Hotel in Basking Ridge. Read More

Nisivoccia LLP Supports 15th Annual Veterans Flag Day 5K Run and Fun Walk

June 14, 2016 News

On Thursday, June 9, Team Nisivoccia LLP walked and ran at Community Hope's 15th Annual Veterans Flag Day 5K Run and Fun Walk to support homeless veterans. The race took place at Lyons VA Campus in Bernards Township, New Jersey. Read More